Some of you already know this, but let me sum up the situation real quick for those who don’t.

On Saturday I rode in a charter bus up to the DC Temple for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints.  My wonderful exchange student daughter arose so early to ride with me and sacrificed her entire morning.  Though it was raining and I had not originally planned to, we grabbed my camera to take with us.  Because I was going to be busy, I had not planned to take the camera because I did not like the idea of leaving it on the bus.  I didn’t get a lot of sleep either so I was worried about misplacing anything and wanted to go with as little stuff as possible.  The day was bleak and so I figured it wasn’t going to be worth taking a camera anyway. However, with my daughter going, I thought we could take a photograph together there to commemorate the trip and/or she could use the camera if she wanted to take photos while I was busy inside.

She promised to take care of my camera while I was busy.  She’s a great girl.  I love her dearly.

When I got on the bus after finishing my work inside, she told me immediately, “I have your camera!”  Then asked after my time. 

Neither of us had a lot of sleep or food and by the time we got home at 3:00 PM we were fairly toasted.  I needed to get some information to a member on the far back of the bus, so I jumped off the bus quickly to let others off and to wait for this person.  She went to the van and sort of spaced out.

About an hour after we got home I asked for my camera. 

We didn’t have it.

It is now Tuesday morning and my camera has yet to be found.  This is my good SLR camera.  The good news is that I have one lined up to use in Arizona so I can fulfill my obligation this weekend for the wedding.  More good news is that by going to the friend who owns said camera, it helps the mother of the bride out a little bit.  Even more good news, said friend went overboard and bought a ton of stuff, stuff I have yet been able to afford but may prove very useful for this wedding.  A fact I would never have known so wouldn’t have access to otherwise.  So all in all, a lot of good has come.

But now, I need my camera.  It’s my camera.  You guys know that this is a major thing for me.  It has photos from my mother’s stitchery show I took at the end of last week on it.  It is the camera with which I shoot weddings, portraits, my kids, adventures, etc.  Even without the photos on the card in question, this camera is not going to be easy for me to replace.  I need 1000 dollars to replace the equipment.  These things aren’t cheap.

So here’s my request, copied from an email I just posted out.  I’ve waited to post in my blog just because I didn’t want my friends with the wedding to have a heart attack… you know?  But now… I really need some prayer.  Please, read the following:

I’m so devastated about my camera.  There is still no word.  I’m going to try to make the round of phone calls this morning once it is 10 AM Eastern.  Waiting for things/places to open up.  It’s 7:11 right now.  I’ll be watching the clock.  (I’m also anxiously waiting for the arrival of my AC Repair guy!!) 

I so believe in the power of prayer.  The loss of my camera has brought some hidden blessings for which I am grateful.  However, it is now time for me to have it back.  Will each of you please please please say a prayer this morning?  I know if we pray hard enough that the person who found my camera will make sure it gets to someone that I call this morning.  That they will be moved to ensure the safe return of my camera.  That my camera can come out of its hiding space and be found.

Please say a prayer that my camera is waiting for my phone call.  That my camera is safe.  It is somewhere on this great big earth and someone had to have seen it.  Help them to bring it forward.  It’s not a small camera that’s easy to hide or miss.  It’s in a backpack style carrying case.  It’s one of those professional SLR cameras.  I had my long lens on it, but the bag also held my regular lens.  It’s a CAMERA and there’s no bones about it.  It’s not one of these tiny pocket sized business card things.  You can see this thing hanging from my neck or sitting at my eye from a mile away.

It has to have been found by now.  Someone found this camera.  You know someone found it.  Please, please, please pray that if the person has not yet come forward that they will.

I believe… I know… there’s enough of us.  Our prayers will be heard.

Thank you so much.  My sanity and my poor teenager’s heart appreciate it.  She’s really worried and upset and feels awful.

**EDITED UPDATE BELOW 11:33 AM Eastern**

I have contacted the bus company. Still not showing up. I contacted the location we went to. Not there either. Both locations are working hard for me but just no luck. I contacted the local police department, nothing. I have checked my town’s craigslist under lost/found and items for sale. Now I’m trying Northern VA. Next up is Richmond. Still nothing.

For anyone who is curious as to what I lost here is a link to the item below:
Canon Digital Rebel XTI with additional 75-300 mm lens (that is the lens for portraits)
I also had filters on both lenses, a red and black backpack style camera bag, and CF cards as follows: 4 gigabyte – quantity 2, 2 gigabyte – quantity 1. A folding card that tells you about your camera. The base to my tripod attached to the camera. Two lens cleaning cloths. Some miscellaneous other things such as all the coupons from Ritz where i purchased the camera two December’s ago.

As you can see this is a loss of a lot of dang money. 1000 bucks roughly to replace it. Well, a little more because of the accessories… Yikes.

Thanks again

–Lady O

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