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Gather ’round, kiddies, and let me tell you a tale of a time before the internet, before mobile phones, before video games, and even before television.  It was a different time, a time when the world was smaller and a lot more quiet.

Families gathered around the radio as a family, a still relatively new invention.  At that time, radios actually sat in your living room, not just in your car to plug-in an mp3 player.  Sure you could listen to music, but you could also listen to the news and audio drams.

It was kind of like TV, only with no pictures. And one night, due to unforeseen circumstances, a popular show was tuned into late as it broadcast on a special night.  Missing those first few minutes meant a world of difference.  When I say world, I do mean world.

It caused mass panic. Terror.  My grandfather and great-grandmother told me about listening to this and how scared it made them.  The world was already on the brink of a second world war, and then Orson Welles decided to bring the classic “War of the Worlds” by H. G. Wells to life.

It’s a little under an hour long. I think it makes for a fun Halloween tradition while you gorge on candy. There’s something about these Old Time Radio dramas that are just fun. It’s a glimpse into the not so distant past and I always feel enriched.

If you are interested in the source material, Amazon has some pretty good deals. I’ve read the book several times and I love it.  I’ve also watched all the movies, the T.V. show, and even Sherlock Holmes and the War of the Worlds. (I wish I remembered that one enough to share more with you other than: super fun if you are Sherlocked in any way.  I don’t even remember where I found this book by the Wallmans’ from 1975.)

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–Lady O