I really enjoy reading. Mum says that I started reading at two by picking up a newspaper and finding things I could read. In eleventh grade, a teacher told us a common question on college applications was, “What books have you read in the past year?” I kept track, though my applications did not ask this, and I read over 100 books that year.
Perhaps I shouldn’t read during classes.

If I want to relax and let my mind escape, reading is a great outlet. My mind travels while I get the much-needed downtime that I sometimes lack as I run in 100 directions at once.

In a recent discussion about honoring the Sabbath more, someone actually said we can’t do fun things on Sunday. Oh how I disagree! If you read my post last week, you’ll remember that I posted proof that Isaiah also disagrees.

Instead of thinking we cannot have fun, let’s adjust our thinking and find activities that we enjoy and make these activities more Sabbath friendly.  For example, let’s look at reading.

If you read my reviews, you know that I read a lot of different genres of books.  Biographies, children’s, dystopia, science-fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, mystery, and so forth. Maybe reading the latest vampires fighting werewolves while aliens blow things up is not the best idea if I want to turn Sunday into a worship day.  However, what about a book about a Saint or other inspiring person? Or a book that encourages the development of different Christ-like attributes? Devotionals? Scripture commentary?

Now we’re talking. Or should I say, reading? You can do this with a great many things.  If watching movies is your thing, gather the family and watch something inspiring.  I recommend “17 Miracles” or “Facing the Giants” or “The Cokeville Miracle” to start off.  Are you into an active lifestyle? Take a hike or ride your bike and relish the world the Lord made for you. You get the idea.

The Sabbath should truly “be a delight”. Let’s find ways to actually enjoy the day using those things that make us happy.  After all:

To kick this off, come back later today as I publish a special book review geared just for Sunday!

–Lady O