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I already wrote today about how much I love reading and how I could make this more Sabbath-friendly. I even posted a Sunday review on a book about Joan of Arc. This year, I’ve already ready nearly 60 books and I have well over 1000 books on my “to be read” list. However, I do not always read books.  I also enjoy reading new articles, addresses, and the like.

I tend to read the General Conference addresses throughout the week, however I always read at least one on Sunday.  With this current focus on Sabbath Day observance from the leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a look at conference addresses seemed a good idea.  As luck would have it, my good friend already compiled a great list of addresses and scriptures! Well, thanks, Pond! You rock and I’m totally sharing with all my readers!

When I first started writing this post, I thought it would be like any other Good Reads post I wrote.  Instead of collecting all the conference talks about Faith, Divine Nature, or Choice and Accountability, I needed to collect the talks about the Sabbath or Keeping the Sabbath Holy. Simple plan, right?  Well in theory […]


Enjoy the link and your own journey to better Sabbath observance!

–Lady O