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So it’s your Sabbath and you need something to do. Maybe it’s cold and miserable because it’s coming on winter and you just want to hunker down.

Pop some corn, grab your cocoa, and pile on the blankets! I’ve got you.


There’s loads of movies on whatever subscription service you subscribe to these days. I have both Netflix and Amazon Prime as well as all of my DVDs/digital copies. Maybe you don’t want to watch Star Wars to gear up for the new movie, since it’s the Sabbath.  What are your go-to movies? Here’s a list of some good ones to look out for:

  • One Night With The King – the story of Esther and beautifully done. I love this movie and watch it every few years.
  • Amazing Grace – I can’t say enough about this movie. I probably watch it at least once a year. I own it, and it comes and goes from subscription services. If you haven’t seen it, get it.
  • Fireproof – Porn kills love. Seriously. This is a low budget movie with a powerful message. I believe in the message of changing your life, giving up that which tears apart marriage, and turn your heart back to your spouse. It is possible. I promise.
  • There’s a long string of Bible themed movies about all sorts of popular Bible stories. Take your pick and while your mileage may vary, it could prove uplifting and interesting to see various takes on stories.

You are getting the idea. I’m looking for more movie options so feel free to hit up my comments with your favorite uplifting movie/religious movie!


I love watching these things. There’s a lot of great documentaries out there. I just watched “The BibleThe Bible” on Netflix from The History Channel. This was an entire miniseries of dramatizations taking you through the Bible with a narrator. It was great!

I’ve followed it up with “The Bible Rules” which is also from The History Channel. In the first episode, “Curses”, I learned that apparently a real curse in ancient times was that a man’s penis would hurt when he made love – written on pottery and smashed. Now that’s one way to get back at your scorning ex-lover. Yikes! Those ancients knew how to hurt a guy! (So far, none of the shows have talked about aliens, so I suppose that’s good, right?)

Those are documentaries and docudramas, but don’t pass up those feel good shows like “Touched By an Angel” or “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.”  While neither of these are available currently on Netflix, there are likely other such shows. Feel free to tell me your favorites in the comments!

What do you watch?

-Lady O