Everyone’s on a health food kick where they want to abandon carbs.  Me? I like carbs. I like carbs a lot.  I’m a pasta and rice kind of girl.  However, some variety is good and I have people in my life I care about that do not do well with carbs.  (Can we just cure diabetes now, please?)

With that in mind, I’m trying to expand my horizons and try some of these crazy ideas out.  I’m a wild woman, and this could provide a bit of fun.

First attempt led me to Pinterest (where else?) and I found something called “Cauliflower Rice”.

Cauliflower pulsed in a blender = rice? Thanks to StayFitMom.com for the inspiration!

This is a thing? Apparently it’s so a thing, people are substituting cauliflower for all kinds of things. Well, if you can make it into rice, I can make fried rice!

I pulled out my handy-dandy Ninja Professional blender and a head of cauliflower. I gave the cauliflower your basic chop and dumped the chunks into the blender jar. A few hits of the “pulse” button later, and presto! “Rice”!

Well, that was easy. I don’t think I’d want to use a grater.  Food processor/blender all the way, baby!  Mama hates cooking and really only does it because I need to eat to live.

What next? I scrambled a couple of eggs and then threw a frozen bag of mixed veggies into a skillet with some EVOO and this “rice”. Some soy sauce and cubed chicken made everything complete.

We ended up with:

Yummy fried cauliflower rice made by ME!

Here’s where it got interesting… The Doubter (AKA Caramon) felt the need to bless this food that it would “not kill us”.  I’m not even kidding right now.  Yeah, he managed to survive the night.  Even with the questioning my sanity, none of this stuff remained.  I’m not saying people licked the pan, but I do live with boys.

It’s a little different than regular rice, but it’s actually pretty good.  Since it’s even easier to make than rice, I’m totally down with this.  I’ll need to try some of the other cauliflower fake-outs.  Why not? I can’t wait to try this out again and in other ways! (Chipotle knock off rice, maybe?)

Have you tried some of these vegetable fake-outs?

–Lady O