I’m back with another adventure in healthy cooking!  I can get behind some tasty mashed potatoes and gravy, what about you guys? Yum.  Cheddar or garlic and herb mashed potatoes are also super tasty.

What if you are trying to slim down, vary your diet, or have a system that’s not so good with those Idaho spuds? Maybe you just want to slip something by your picky eaters.  Whatever the reason, Cauliflower mash is just as good and equally easy! That’s right, it’s not just faux rice that you can make with this wonder veggie!

I started with my head of cauliflower.  Yum.  I really love cauliflower! 
From there, I broke up the florets and boiled them for about 6 minutes.  I transferred them to my Kitchenaid Food processor and pulsed the heck out of them.

I love this food processor. It’s fantastic! I’ve decided I’m a Kitchenaid girl!

You can see it forming now! Once it’s nice and creamy (or as creamy as you like – chunky “potatoes” are just as good as chunky mashed potatoes), you are done!

Don’t you want to grab a spoon and dig right in?

No kidding, it’s that easy.  At this point you can eat them straight or you can season them how you want. I didn’t make gravy, but I’m curious if I can make a decent paleo/low carb gravy with something like almond flour. That’s an adventure for another day!  What’s not an adventure for another day is slicing my thumb open while cleaning the food processor blade.  Guess what, that sucker is SHARP!

I’ve found a few more fun and interesting things that you can make with cauliflower that I will try in upcoming weeks, so stay tuned! Comment if you’ve tried this, or are inspired and always with more ideas for me to try. This has been a fun adventure for me and I want to keep it up!

–Lady O