So Mid-Ohio con was fun. I know I posted about some of the cool stuff. Here’s more.

Andy Hallett (Lorne from Angel) hosted Karaoke to benefit the American Diabetes foundation. It was at the club there at The Hilton. So I went of course. Didn’t get a chance to sing though, darn it. So many people trying to go. So instead I sat at the bar and watched the show while drinking my Sierra Mist. Yeah, I’m a thrill a minute! HEHE. So anyway, I was chumming it up with three or four of my bar mates the whole time just having a blast. As it turns out though, I was at the popular corner of the table. All the actors came to hang out there! Holy cow! Checkov sat two stools down from me! Groosalugg and Clem hung out there. Andy hung out there. And Larry the Soup Nazi was seen there a couple times as well. Well at the end of the evening we were talking it up with Larry and we ended up hanging out. He’s a really nice guy. He told us about his bout with cancer (I had no idea!) and about his wife and son. BTW his son? Totally cute. Yup he showed off a picture from his wallet.

While sitting there hanging out this guy comes up and asks for his autograph. Then he is all like “So when is you guys’s gig?” Our gig? What gig? What is this guy talking about. We can’t figure it out so finally the one guy we were with goes “Dude, do you know who this is?” Well the guy says rather LOUDLY “Yeah that’s the SOUP NAZI!” ROFL. He thought we were with Larry on tour or something. Nope, we’re just townies hanging out with Larry!

The next day I had to go get cheesecake for Sir Megabyte and I took elfmyst with me. We ran into Larry and we got him some Graeter’s because, hello? Can’t come here without having that. We got him the sorbet. Mmmm…. sorbet….

Larry’s cool. And at Karaoke, he sang. You’d be surprised at how well he sings. I have pictures. I’ll have to post them.

I took notes on the panel discussion with the Buffy people. I’ll post that at another time.