Can I get a shoutout from states other than Ohio on if you have this or not? City income tax. They tax everything here. GRRR.

Well apparently my taxes were not done right this year. *GRUMBLES* And they are saying I owe them more money. The one taxes that does not make sense so I take to HR Block and I get an audit notice. GRRR Says I owe $266 between unpaid taxes, interest, and freaking penalties. I’m mad. Yes we refinanced so we don’t have a mortgage this month, but hello… Christmas? ARGH. GRR. I hate this.

Freaking makes me mad. Now I have to dig for my city income tax crap. GRRRR. GRRRR. BASH RANT BASH.

To top it off, I have cramps… bad. Bad choice of days Columbus… bad choice of days. GRRRR.