So Saturday I had to clean off my milk glass. Then it was race over to the Church to set up my table for the ward social. They were asking people to each set up a table for 8. We were supposed to supply linens and silver and dishes and everything.

Well I couldn’t come up with a center piece so decided to just take my pitcher for the water so it would match. I didn’t have any linens so I went to the family dollar by my house. I had to pick up not one but two table clothes because the stinking place only had rectangle and these were round tables. And they were white. As are my milk glass pieces. I was going to have the all white table! But I found pretty red and green placemats for only a buck a piece. So I picked up 8. When I got to the Church the gym was already full so I went and set up in the young women’s room. I put out my white table clothes and my three bowls and my serving spoons. I used a dinner plate for the turkey. Then I put the pitcher in the center. Then I alternated red and green placemats and it looked almost like a wreath. Then I put my snack plates down and the goblets. Plus two white paper napkins and then the cutlery. I think it turned out really nice. I was happy. I was originally thinking about getting a pointsetta for the table but I’m glad I didn’t. The white dishes and white linens looked really nice and the placemats added just the right amount of Colour.

I did notice some people had the recreation pieces of my milk glass. How neat! I’m so glad that someone has knocked off the pattern and made recreations… I happen to think it is very pretty. I might not have picked it out for myself originally but I really have no idea what I would have picked out. And the fact that it was my grandma’s makes it very special to me. More special than something I thought in 1994 looked nice. HEHE

Funny thing is my grandma passed when I was in 7th grade at which point the milk glass became mine. And it has not been used since. Till this week. And we used it Thursday for my table at MOPS and then again on Saturday for Church!! How funny is that? Now that the kids are older though, maybe I will start using it more. It really is pretty and nice and it was so nice to eat off them. Not used in like 15 years and then used twice in just a couple of days!!

Then after setting up my table I had to run home to grab the family. From there we went to the school for the Winter Festival. That was great. We totally had fun. Saw Santa. Kids went in to the workshop to buy presents. But the goofy kids got daddy the same thing. Ugh! HAHA We did some crafts. Joram made a Christmas Mouse and a wreath. Caramon made a Christmas Mouse and a Candy Cane. We put bids in for the class baskets. Caramon’s class did Sports and Joram’s class did “Wrap it Up”.

We went to the crafters area in the gym to see what was for sale. Some neat stuff. We got this cool lightening bolt shaped piece of wood. You stick a bottle in it and it will lean to one side and the bottle weight balances it. It was really neat.

After we were done, we went to Meijer’s. We don’t go there a whole lot but Sir M needed to do some razor shopping and this was the closest place. While there we totally found cider on sale for cheap! So we bought 6 different types. We don’t drink but we love ciders! We figured with this new thingy we bought it would be REALLY neat. Well after getting them home, this brand (not our usual) has goofy caps and won’t fit in the hole. šŸ˜¦ WAAAAH Oh well, two nights before I bought 25 2 liters of Sierra Mist due to them only being .19 cents a bottle. So we stuck one of those in there. Not as classy looking but boy was it NEAT.

So we went to the ward social. We ate at my table. Ahhh my milk glass! I got a lot of complements on my table. I really liked some of the tables. People have nice stuff! There are a bunch of different snowman plates out there! One lady, actually the lady who did the table elfmyst and her family sat at… she used all disposable stuff. But get this. She found matching big plates, little plates, and napkins and even plastic serving bowls that would match. So then she decoupaged the napkins onto a flower pot to match!! How creative! And she was able to just throw the dishes all away. It was this neat three wisemen traveling through the desert type scene or something. I loved that flower pot! So we had some people sing and stuff like that. It was just an enjoyable night. I have no idea who sat at our table with us, but it was a nice family.