I have not watched this yet… but I just found out.. now I heard about some of the script changes that were to be made.. but I had not seen the CAST changes. OMG… how do you make Buck a woman? And Boomer? Now he’s not a tall strong African American man he’s a short Asian American woman? I’m sure the actress is awesome… but these changing the sex of characters is freaking to me.

I think I’m going to have nightmares of Buck morphing into a woman. *SHUDDER*

I have no problem with remakes. Really. As long as they are done well. There have been some SUPERB remakes. Bye Bye Birdie remake? awesome. Sabrina? Awesome. But there have some HORRIBLE remakes. Time Machine? Don’t go there. Planet of the Apes… ARGH.

I have no idea what to think. I’m saving this possible train wreck for tomorrow when Sir Megabyte and I can watch it together. But between the storyline changes and now the turning my hottie Starbuck cowboy into a WOMAN…. I don’t know…

Did anyone watch it? Did they stay true to the LDS themes? Anyone? Lost tribes and council of the 12 and all that? I know they were making the cylons created by humans and so I guess they can’t be minions of the devil… Hmmm

I’m just heartbroken over this whole Buck is a woman thing.

Please, anyone… tell me if they did a good job even though they changed so much stuff? and is this Female Starbuck any good?? Gosh I hope so. But I guess I won’t be going “Starbuck is soooooo dreamy” this go round…