I’m watching Trading Spaces on TV and Joram comes in and says “I’m giving away free snuggles!” So I say “YAY” and grab him for some snuggles. So we are watching Trading Spaces and Joram says “Why don’t we paint our walls?” He then comes up with this whole idea. OK, I just have to share. We are going to paint the carpet with red and white stripes. Then the couch and loveseat are going to be red white and blue stripes and they will match the red white and blue walls.


That’s a lot of stripes. In a really large room. HEHE But you are the designer kid! HAHA

Just had to share.

Now I need to wake up. I completely fell asleep on the couch at a little after midnight and woke up at 3:30 and went to bed. And then I slept until 8:20 and had to throw money at Caramon for breakfast (thank goodness schools do that now) and off to the bus stop. It is now 9:03 and I am still feeling like I need to sleep another four hours or something. Ooooooh… so sleeeeepy…. My eyes won’t even focus well…