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So I got another 25 2 litre bottles of Sierra Mist. Because the last 25 just wasn’t enough? I think we’ve used like three of those?? I dunno. I know DH took some to work as well. So I don’t know how many bottles we have, but I imagine it will last a while.

elfmyst got 30. She meant to get 15 of Diet and 15 of regular but she miscounted and ended up with only 14 Diet. So anyway, there we are cramming these freaking like 55 bottles of pop in her van. Then someone also hit us as we were backing out so we were joking and cracking up and stuff about if we got hit the car would explode in fizzy bubbles and we would be swimming in Sierra Mist and foam would be leaking and everyone would be like “OMG what is that?” HEHE It was so funny.

.19 cents a bottle though, how can you go wrong? Kroeger has them on sale for like .79. Then there is a .30 off coupon on them. Which doubles, making it really .60 off. Leaving you at a whopping .19 per 2 litre. No kidding, it costs 4.75 for 25 bottles of cola! You can’t beat that!! šŸ™‚