Just wanted to udpate. I had left hte battery at the Autozone and came home to prepare Joram for school and get him off on the bus.

So I took my bag and walked to the bus stop with Joram. From there, since my neighbour had left, I walked to AutoZone. Figured even if I couldn’t carry a battery back, I could at least find out what the issue was and try to start getting things moving along. I get up there and they pull out the battery and it claimed to be good. So what the heck is the deal? Well there was a little bit of corrosion and they said maybe between that and possibly a loose or bad connection.. Well so one of the guys brought me and my battery back. He put it back in, secured it in place and told me to take it over to the shop and they would tighten it down and everything.

So I hop in and go back to Autozone. Well they tweak it and everything. They still think the same thing. Perhaps it was the gunk or maybe it had worked itself lose or something. Since the car sounds just fine and all, he said to go with it and if it sounds sluggish or anything… bring it back.

Hmmm… erm… ok. *SIGH* Well it has run just fine tonight. GRRR… wish I knew what the deal was.

I did make it to my friend’s, where i was heading when I discovered my deader than dead battery. We ended up walking around target for a while tonight and then taking the kids to McDonald’s to play.

I did pick up the cutest little girl baby outfit. It’s a three piece outfit. A little girly onesy with a shirt and matching pants. Should be a totally cute outfit for my future niece (yay a girl! a girl!) and perfect for the cooling days and nights this fall. OMg it is totally cute. WOOHOO. I’m going to have so much fun buying girly girly stuff! I left the bag in the car so I could take it and mail it soon. I need to mail Sir M his shorts he left here as well i’ll go to the post office sometime… maybe next week?