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I love my Piers Anthony and his humourous light reads in the Xanth novels. This one is actually an “older” one that I just discovered! It’s from like 1999! How did I miss it? I just don’t know!

Regular Xanth readers, if you missed this one go grab it up! It’s different! Half the book is set in Mundania. A mundane couple switches bodies with a Xanth couple and they each explore the other world. It’s rather fun and has suspense in it as the Xanthians have trouble getting back due to the Demon EARTH and of course the Mundane couple find a quest in Xanth!

I see that once more Piers writes in diabetes, which he suffers from. Good for you Piers. Make the people more real!

I had a ball with all lof his making Mundania almost our real life but not exactly. He played on everything. Of course it sounded so goofy, but some of it sounds kind of goofy in normal “speak” I suppose! So instead of logging onto the net they lumber on. And it’s the grid and mesh. Bwahahahaha. You start to get the picture. I just loved it. Played on EVERYTHING. I do admit my favourite was the Macrohard. Bwahahahahaha. He deserves about a dozen gold stars just for that one!!

Anyway, this was definately a nice light read. A good follow up to the dark and frightful Buffy book I just finished!

Xone of Contention gets five stars. With wishes that you could up the stars because this one deserves something extra that regular Xanth books don’t get… HAHA It’s my favourite to date. Even beats out The Dastard!

Oh what to read next? *GRINS* Guess I’ll pour over the stack in the morning as I’m rather tired! Night all!