Just for fun since we were joking about it… I looked it up. Here’s the gift list:

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Presents
Follow these traditional wedding anniversary gift suggestions and choose the perfect gift idea.
1st: paper
2nd: cotton
3rd: leather
4th: fruit and flower; linen
5th: wood
6th: sugar and sweet; iron
7th: wool; copper
8th: bronze and rubber
9th: pottery and willow
10th: tin; aluminum
11th: steel
12th: silk and fine linen
13th: lace
14th: ivory
15th: crystal
20th: china 25th: silver
30th: pearls; ivory
35th: coral; jade
40th: rubies
45th: sapphires
50th: gold
55th: emeralds
60th: diamonds

Contemporary Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
For great contemporary wedding anniversary gifts and ideas, choose the appropriate year.
1st: clocks
2nd: china
3rd: crystal; glass
4th: electrical appliances
5th: silverware
6th: wood
7th: desk sets
8th: linens; lace
9th: leather
10th: diamond jewelry
11th: fashion jewelry; accessories
12th: pearls; colored gems
13th: textiles; furs
14th: gold jewelry
15th: watches
20th: platinum
25th: sterling silver
30th: diamonds
35th: jade
40th: rubies
45th: sapphires
50th: gold
55th: emeralds
60th: diamonds

OK.. now first off, diamonds made the contemp list three times. That’s wrong. In every way. It’s bloody clear glass. Blargh.

So we are having our tenth. Aluminum? Tin? Diamonds? No thanks. So I totally agree with Sir Meg’s decision that this is the anniversary where the con is the way to go. 🙂

Now next year… that’s steel according to the traditional list. Now that I can get behind. Especially if it is sharp and pointy and heavy. Woohoo! I’m demanding a sword.