Yup, that’s my very own copy!

OK, so we get to Best Buy. Now the guy there was running around telling everything they would be open at midnight to sell Star Wars. However, regardless of the three other cars there waiting… they did not open. Thankfully? Wal-mart *shudder* is just down the way. So five seconds later we were at Wal-mart. The line wasn’t too long and within about 15 minutes I had my copy of WIDESCREEN all to myself. Ahhhh… pretty DVDs. Ahhhh… Yoda… Darth…. Obie Wan… Han… Luke… ahhhh….

So *taunt taunt* Nanny nanny boo boo!

We’re going to go sacrifice the Best Buy guy to the stormtroopers. Hey, HE has those droids you are looking for!


Just wondering, did anyone else have long lines?