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Yesterday, we were hanging at the Best Buy talking with Troopers. As it turns out, this one guy is unhappy with his hat. See, they tried to recreate the soft caps that some of the guys wore in the movies. Looked kind of german nazi-ish. But it just isn’t quite right. So we offered to help out since Mum is like uber sewing goddess. (OK, she might not like that imagry, but I think she’s uber sewing goddess!)

Clearly that meant we needed to watch Episode 4, so away we went snagging screen-captures right and left. Tons of bad guy screencaptures! WooHoo! Turns out the hats are almost right, which is what the guys said, but we figured out the error.  Shouldn’t be that hard. Especially since one of the guys said that he’d loan us his hat to muck around with since it is really close.

Hopefully we can hook this guy up. Sounds like his storm trooper friends would like it a lot as well.

In other interesting Star Wars DVD fun… I swear we were watching and in like every other shot it looks like Luke has one blue eye and one greeny-goldy eye. What’s up with that? Think it is some kind of weird lighting issue or did I seriously never notice that before? How many times did I watch this movie on the big screen? Any way…

Star Wars DVDs WOOHOO!! 🙂

–Lady O