The trip was great. Now we’re home. It was good to see my grandma. OK, the driving… ooooh sooooo long. But of course it was worth it. 🙂 Amazingly it was not near as hot in Mississippi as I thought it would be. It was like 102 here the week we were preparing for the trip so I was REAL worried. But wow, we got lucky! Thank goodness. I really have trouble with heat and humidity, so this was a major concern. I’m glad it turned out to be not that bad. Now this doesn’t mean it wasn’t hot or humid, but it sure wasn’t 102! 🙂

There’s been a lot. To save time I’ll just number the highlights of my vacation.

1. Blew a fuse in the AC power supply thing for the car. Scratch distracting kids/self with movies
2. Blew a tire, yeah that’s always fun. Ugh.
3. Parents got a new power thing as well as fuses. Changed the fuse in mine and blew it again. Think mine might have issues. Used parents so day two had distractions for kids.
4. Watched “Are we there yet” which was HILLARIOUS! Road trip movies rock. Road trip movies with kids torturing the adults, fun.
5. Mum got some new fabric in Alabama at her quilt shop. It’s cute and has some neat fabric.
6. Got to grams and spent a lot of time with her, catching up, seeing a lot of the family there.
7. Grandma said we could all pick out a bunch of Grandpa’s paintings. He was an amazing painter and there’s still a lot of paintings at grandma’s. We poured through them and the boys even picked out pictures that we will be able to hang in their room when we get our own place.
8. Grandma gave me Grandpa’s old camera. The camera that took my wedding pictures at the DC Temple. Grandpa was a camera geek like me. So now I have a 50ish year old german 35 mill that needs to desperately needs some TLC that I will try to shoot some pictures with. After I figure out the workings of it because it’s definately not like the 35 mills I’m used to. I did mention it is German and from like 1952ish right?
9. Listened to the audiobook “Whiteout” by Ken Follet. Now this was interesting because unlike your book/movie where there’s a stolen virus that is released… this actually starts out from the start of the whole steal the virus caper. It also takes the place over roughly one day. It centers greatly around the people stealing the virus, along with the security head honcho at the place the virus is stolen from. Also, this was NOT IN AMERICA. It was in Scottland. Groovy!
10. Read a lot of books. I read “Down Time”, “Dixieland Sushi”, “Summer in the City”, “Dead as a Doornail”, “The Science of Magic”, “The Gypsy Game”. All really great.
11. Parents got one of those dual screen car DVD players. The trip back was a LOT quieter
12. Discovered a great Broadway Tunes channel on the XM radio. Cool!
13. Discovered when Sonic Theatre does Sci Fi shows. WOOOOOOT!
14. Listened to the iPod a LOT. iPods rock.
15. Got my butterfly quilt I always use when at Grandmas. My great grandmother made the blocks and grandma put it together and quileted it. And it has butterflies. I’ve used it when visiting her for years. She told me to go ahead and bring it home. She also gave mum a quilt. But I don’t remember the details specifically of that quilt.
16. Drove back. We went a different route and stopped in Huntsville. We took the boys to Space Camp which they LOVED. Saw all kinds of wicked cool space stuff in the Museum. We made the kids do the Scavenger Hunt and now they have a new scouting patch. Awesome! Caramon got most excited over the monkeynauts. LOL.
17. Saw my MIL and older SIL as they drove down to have dinner with us in Huntsville. Huntsville is only an hour away from where they live.
18. Ate at this amazingly yummy restaurant in Huntsville. OMG yum. Need to go back there!
19. Ate at another restaurant that was amazing in Christiansburg, VA. I plan on writing that up because it was way cool.
20. Got home yesterday. Woot!
21. Got the car charger fm transmitter for iPod by DLO which is great. Will definately review it as well.
22. The biggest news ever. FOUND OUT MY HOUSE SOLD! Yes that blasted house in Ohio is SOLD. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD. We are set to close in the end of July. WOOOOOT! SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD. EVERYONE must now do the dance of joy!! SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD. Did I mention… SOLD?

OK, lots that happened since last I posted. You have now seen my vacation in a quickie summary.