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I always buy the paperbacks, I don’t usually get the hardbacks. But this time? I just had to. I had heard that Stephanie was quitting being a bounty hunter and I just couldn’t wait till next year. So when I went in to pick up book 10 I went ahead and got book 11. I read book 10 yesterday and book 11 today. What a riot. But now I’m sad. No more Stephanie Plum. *SIGH* Not till book 12 comes out. *SIGH*

What a riot. I love these books. I do like how Stephanie handled being a non-bounty hunter. Awesome! And wow, the who dun it? I couldn’t believe it. Never in a MILLION years did I picture that person! Totally shocked me! You know what, it’s always those types…

Was that vague and tantalizing enough? BWAHAHAHA Of course I’ve read a bunch lately. And of course I’m just biding time until Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Next up? Get Out of My Mind by Tony Ruggiero. Aliens taking over… woohoo! I think after I read this and the second book in the that series, hopefully then it will be Half Blood Prince time. And after that? Johnny Ringo and The Last Battle of Fredericksburg. Whatever that book is called. Mum bought like four of them? Five of them? I don’t know. I’ll be reading those for sure!

I should probably be keeping a list of all the books I read. Scary to think about sometimes though. The way I tear through books. I burn them up sometimes. Right now I’m on an end of month reading binge. I save all my books up for the latter half of the month and then bang out five or six or so. Isn’t it funny how that seems to go though?

Of course right now it is the heat wave. It’s been so blasted hot I haven’t really wanted to go anywhere. My car has leather seats which makes it even worse than regular people’s cars. We’ve been getting 115 and there abouts. YUCK! That means the inside of the car? I don’t think I even want to know!!!!!!!