Great, I just learned there is a wicked cool special feature upcoming Serenity dealio right?

It’s on the crappy Cyborgs Attack DVD. Now, waste however ungodly amount of money that some moron things people would pay for that craptacular POS tv show on DVD just for the serenity thing or not? I shudder to think about dropping 50 bucks on the POS DVD set just for this for fear that SOMEONE might be under the misguided impression that these high sales are because of the dren that is Cyborgs Attack. Is there any way I can contact the studio and say “I dropped 50 bucks on your POS DVD just for the serenity thing” and see if they will refund some of my money or at the very least put the mark towards woohoo Firefly gush and move that mark from moronically bad garbage passing itself off as science fiction?

Then again, I could have great fun with the DVDs. Hello copyright DMCA blargh, meet your match as I break you and have some REAL fun making those episodes all they should be. I see MST3K people being inserted… HA! Now, who can I get to recast for dubbing the true lines that SHOULD have been said!!! HA! This could be great fun. I see Buck-Ette getting the Elle Woods treatment. *SNORT*

*SIGH* I’ll find some fool with the bad taste enough to waste 50 bucks on a dvd set that has Sex the Sixbot splashed all over the cover because they were thinking with the little head. Then I’ll swipe the Serenity goodness. *GRINS*