My husband has a lovely tenor voice. Seriously. There have been arguments at church about who gets to sit in front of us and enjoy his voice. What a lot of people don’t know is my husband also enjoys playing the guitar.

My husband won’t be joining a band anytime soon for his guitar playing, but he plays well enough. I enjoy listening to him play the guitar and sing. I enjoy it a lot more than he realizes I think. I love hearing guitar music, but I also enjoy hearing my husband sing. How can you go wrong when you combine the two?

A few years back I attempted to learn to play the guitar as well, with the help of my husband. I practiced and tried. There’s something fun and amazing about making music with your fingers.

My husband had two guitars. He mostly played an inexpensive electric guitar he picked up at a pawn shop not too long out of boot camp. The guitar I practiced on was an ancient and doctored acoustic guitar. My darling husband has wanted a better guitar for a while though. I remember looking in stores before Caramon was even born, but we’ve never been able to afford it. Guitars very quickly get expensive! It seems they are more popular than pianos, and in the greater scheme of things they are cheaper than pianos, however they are still very expensive.

Around the time I started playing, we were looking into purchasing a new guitar for my husband and asked a friend for some advice. Unfortunately at that time, Caramon got sick and everything flew out the window. I tried to keep up my playing but that fell by the wayside. So now I have completely forgotten just about everything I knew because I hadn’t spent very long playing.

Last summer when I wanted to get into podcasting, we investigated a local store, Guitar Center. We have come to like this store. Their costumer service is great, they run awesome deals, and the store is just awesome.

My husband heard they were having a sale so we decided to go see what was going on at the store. Caramon eventually found his way to the keyboards and began to jam. Oh how he wants one of the real nice keyboards! He’s not willing to put the time into practicing however! Though the kid has figured out how to play the Darth Vader music for the most part! Yes we see where his interests lie!

We found an excellent guitar set for an incredible bargain we could not pass up! So happy birthday to my husband. He now has an acoustic Ibanez with electric pickup. It came with a strap, bag, amp, picks, tuner, etc. Because it was so inexpensive he found me an inexpensive electric guitar suited well for my small hands.

Home we went and out came the guitars and we started jamming. I’m horrible, and more than rusty but my husband helped me pick out some tunes I know to give me something fun to do as I review my chords! Isn’t that sweet of him? He’s been playing and singing to me. Joram picked up our old battered acoustic to play and Caramon hit the keyboard! We definitely love our music in this family!

I look forward to more musical evenings with my family. And perhaps as my husband and I do more with our guitars now that I have one I can play easily as well, Caramon will be inspired to practice his keyboard more. And Joram, he wants to learn as well.

All we need now is a drummer and we can be the next great family hit! Watch out Osmonds, here we come!