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Birthday’s come and birthday’s go. Sometimes they are great and sometimes we just feel like turning on “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.”

Generally my birthdays are laid back and mellow. People don’t generally do a whole lot, I get a few phone calls, a card or two, but mostly I relax. It’s nice to take a day and say “You know what, it’s all about the kicking back” and having no guilt.

Today I did pick up a little just because that’s what I do. I mostly read my new Southern Vampire Romance Mystery. I also watched a movie. Intermixed with this I received several phone calls from various out of town friends and family.

It’s so nice to hear from people. There is nothing like picking up the phone and hearing singing on the other end. I love to hear people sing, so this just thrills me to no end! Generally I must make do with my iPod, radio, or Sir Megabyte.

My family spoiled me rotten. I freely admit to being amazed at the spoiling. My children greeted me this morning with kisses and hugs and the love continued when they returned home from school. The family took me to Red Lobster for dinner and now I’m pleasantly stuffed full of seafood. Finally my gifts came!

I wasn’t expecting much. I would prefer to spend my money on books at Balticon at the end of the month for autographing. This is fine for me. However there were some price reductions and sales going on so yipee! My family gave me the follow up to my City of Heroes game, City of Villains. In fact it’s the Collector’s DVD edition which came with all kinds of neat goodies. I have swag from every game I’ve played with the exception of WoW. I suppose that will have to be rectified at some point! I also got some beautiful goth fairy bookmarks, key chain, and notebook!

In addition my darling husband gave me a back massage, sang to me THREE songs, and washed my hair! Pampering, what girl can resist? Mmmm, I love it! I’m feeling all nice and relaxed!

It’s been a good a day. To everyone who is sharing a birthday with me, I hope your day was as good as mine! For everyone else? Happy Un-birthday! Share my joy!

–Lady O