Growing up with the Moon to guide my nights, I thought life couldn’t be more perfect. Until one night when I met man of my daydreams. Our romance quickly blossomed until I learned the most horrifying truth. My beloved walked in the sun. A Human? How could this happen?

The naivete of youth told me we could make our vastly different lives work. Love conquers the most dire trials, surely love could conquer this.

It took work, what marriage doesn’t? Two souls from completely different backgrounds unite to form one working unit. It happens every single night…er day. We seemed to succeed, for a while.

Then came… children. How overjoyed we were at the news! Would the baby have his eyes? My teeth? In wonder at the miracle that we could have children, we did not truly take the time to consider possibilities beyond this.

Ten years later we have two children. And they most definitely take after their father.

They arise with the Sun, when I most want to be turning in for the day. Each morning I am awakened by my children bouncing into my room full of energy. They open my curtains sending me to scurry for cover from the bright, burning sun. They drag me from my rest, leaving me groggy for hours and staggering about. I spend the morning feeling sleep deprived, hiding my eyes. They expect to eat at such hours, worse they expect me to join them in eating. Instead of dancing in the midnight moonlight, they slumber at night.

I try with all my might to be a good Human mother to these children, but I am in my heart always going to be a Vampire. Will they ever awaken to the glories of the night? Shall I ever find rest again? I’ve abandoned my old life of the night to spend time with children, and my friends do not understand. I’ve no way to explain it to them.

Two such different people, such as a Vampire and a Human, can indeed live and love. But, when it comes to children, there’s most definitely sacrifices to be made. Sacrifices that are more than worth it!

–Lady O