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Yo, who would be the best Geek Gadget Tech Blogger? I think it would be me! I mean, who else can rock the house when it comes to talking about all things geeky?

You know I’m completely into the whole geek scene. I’ve never tried to hide this from anyone. I wear my geek label with pride. I’m here, I’m a geek gurl, and I’m proud of it. And we geek gurls need to be proud. Stop hanging in the shadows. We’re here and we’re way cooler than the geek guys.

You know I’m a writer, so this is right up my alley, too. So I thought, well I don’t need the job, but some extra cash would be cool. I could buy new toys or best of all, more stuff for schooling the little geeks. Right? Plus I could flex my writing muscles and have a total blast! I work best under a deadline, too. So why not?

Earlier today a friend IM’d me in Gmail. Says he was going to try out for this gig. Gizmodo wants a tech blogger. I thought, “Woah, Lady O, you could do this! It would rock! Plus you could give a flavour to Gizmodo that they don’t have with your experience.” So why not? Should I go for it?

I’m sure the blogosphere is full of more qualified folk than me. But I’m here to stomp them all down under the heal of my fuzzy pink mule. I’m donning the Supergirl Tshirt and flying to the head of this line. I’m better than all of them. Cause I’m a mom. And mom’s know best, right?

Besides, should they actually give me something to try out? Well if it’s going to break, you know with homeschooled boys we’ll find a way to break it! You want real world trials of real world use and best of all real world abuse? You need me!

Ok, this job is actually bigger than I thought. I’m a little scared. But that’s OK. It’ll make me stronger. What’s it that men say? Put hair on my chest? Well how about increase my cup size? I could go for that! Woot! (Probably increase my need for stronger glasses staring at the computer screen more like!)

So I’m putting together a resume. I can’t find my old one, it’s been so long since I really worked. So I’m kind of winging it. I may not get the job, but I’m all about the trying! And you never know, I could just land it. And then you could read my psychotic rants and raves on Gizmodo.

That would be totally Airwolf!!!!!!!!

–Lady O
PS, feel free to write to Gizmodo and request they hire me! Hey, I’m not above trying that! If they won’t, we can inundate them with ruby slippers or green shirts or something! Wizard of Oz DVDs?