Holy crap, someone hacked the Pentagon?  Now see, that’s what you do with maddog hacker skillz… not going after the latest Harry Potter book.  Yeah baby!

Now let’s get serious here… the Pentagon?  No really?  The PENTAGON?  OK, if was my home network, sure… I opened an attachment (DUH IDIOT ME) and now my network got hacked… crap.  But the Pentagon?  I know they have things that don’t need to be secured like some other things… but come on… you’d expect something a little harder to hack than that?

So I see on my TV that 1500 users were affected and there are so many without email today.  They work at the Pentagon.  I shudder to think what their inbox is going to be like when they get back up and running.

Come on, Pentagon.  Teach your peeps… NEVER OPEN ATTACHMENTS!  Hehehehe…

Good grief… What on earth is going on up there?  I sure hope it’s not wherever my husband’s company is working… That would be very bad.

-Lady O

Originally posted on ladyozma.vox.com