What was the last wedding you went to? Were you in the wedding?

Ahhh weddings. There’s nothing that makes the romantic side of you go all gooey inside. Unfortunately that gooey inside turns you a tad bit nauseous very quickly as you watch the two lovebirds in action.

I’ve been married forever. I got married when I was like… born. So you know… we’re outta that newlywed honeymoon phase. I now realize the man I’m married to is… well… a man.

I actually got pretty lucky in the slot machine that is marriage. My guy is normal. No sports watching here. Whew! He’s a geek, which is great because it means I have someone I can talk to like a normal human being. And to top it off? He’s darn good looking. Always a bonus!

So the last wedding we went to was almost two years ago. A coworker of hubby’s was FINALLY getting hitched and we found ourselves barreling on a road trip to PA to witness the nuptials and celebrate with the new couple at a reception in their honour.

Before the night was out, I dreaded the ring of the adorable silver bells at the table ordering the happy duo to kiss. OK, not really. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m a complete and total sap. I guess there’s some girl hiding in me somewhere! But, now that you know that, I might just have to kill ya!

I do hear rumours of an upcoming wedding of a friend that I would be involved in… hmmmm… Now the question is… how will my BatGirl Utility Belt look with a bridesmaid dress?

–Lady O