In case some of you had not realized this before, I like photography.  No, I’m not talking about snapshots of little Bobby’s birthday party.  I mean I am a real honest to goodness shutterbug.  Wait, let me count arms and legs… oh, only four.  So I guess I might not be a bug… maybe then just a photophile?

Whatever you want to call me, I like photographing things.  My grandmother gave me my first camera before she passed away.  A point and shoot 110, the quality was not the greatest.  Despite the cost of film and developing, I enjoyed shooting pictures with that camera. 

My second camera was purchased not too long after.  At a yard sale, my mother found a Kodak Instamatic for a bargain price.  If she paid more than a quarter, I’d be surprised.  My mother is the Bargain Queen.  I swear, it’s a superpower.  If there’s a great deal in the tristate area, she can sniff it out and beat anyone else to the punch.

Before long, I graduated to 35mm.  Rarely did I go somewhere with a camera.  Even at school, I carried a camera in my backpack.  Especially if there was something going on like Spirit Week.  By the time I was 16 and had my own license, the people in the camera store knew me by first name.  My senior year of high school I was in there on a weekly basis developing pictures.

What do I shoot?  I shoot anything.  As long as my camera lens can focus on it, nothing is safe.  I have put my photography skills to good use over the years.  I have filmed several weddings, newborns, and special events.  On the internet, some of my pictures get recognition on popular moblogging sites.  However, I have yet to find the bravery in myself and my talent to enter any contests.  I am working towards that goal, however.

Then Christmas came.  And my camera dream came true.  After many years of lusting, stroking, and drooling SLR cameras, my husband gave me one.  I love that camera.  Six months later, I have shot well over 3000 photos.  Good grief.  Suddenly, I am very happy that was not all with film!!!  I would be drowning in negatives and prints!

I suddenly feel very photo-nerdish.  I may have a problem.  I think I need a 12 step program.  Ok, admitedly, I have done several photo shoots.  Saturday I took 700 pictures alone at one photo shoot.  So hopefully you will not think of me as some kind of glued to her camera sort of girl.  Well, OK, I am kind of glued to my camera.  That is OK, right? 

When in doubt, deny!  Deny!  Deny!  I do NOT have a problem.  No, not me!

I thought my camera dreams had come true.  What more could a girl photog want?  I had the pretty DSLR.  A really awesome long lens.  OK, so I could use some fun filters.  And more lenses.  And… oh wait… I get ahead of myself. 

As many know, my husband is a contractor in the telephony field.  Sometimes, he gets some cool benefits.  Like last week.  One of his long running jobs was the rebuild of TC Williams HS.  Yes.  That one.  Remember the Titans?  Yup.  The school building is old, and way too small.  Over the last few years, a new building has been erected next door.  Three floors, brick, technology, and my husband has been in on the whole thing.  With the school due to open this fall, by now everything wanted has moved to the new building.  Everything left in the old building is trash for the demolition crews.  And pilfering hands of contractors.  OK, they had permission to pilfer.  And pilfer they did.

My husband alone came home with a carload.  Textbooks, overhead projectors, even a rolled up screen that I swear the school never used.  However, it did not end there.  From the tv studio, my husband scored three lights.  Professional quality lighting here.  Studio lights.  For what?  For me! 

Now I have lights for when I shoot pictures.  All because my husband found some that were to next light the junkyard.  Rock on!

I have lights.  I have the camera.  I’m ready for the action!

-Lady O

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