This is a news bulletin for all.

I just wanted you to know that my van is in the shop getting more repair work than I can afford done to it.  We are preparing to go on a vacay to Southern NJ for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I’m not happy about the van work, however I will do whatever it takes to go on this vacation.  Even if it means we eat Top Raman until payday.  (It’s bad, but not that bad.  I hope.)

It will be awesome.  My inlaws have the hands down best THanksgiving shin dig I have ever in my life witnessed.  The pilgrims have nothing on my inlaws.  It’s awesome and I can’t wait!  We leave Wed after I pick up my van.  We return on Sunday.

The inlaws are awesome, however they have dial up.  I might be around on email, but do not expect me on any of these social networking sites.  I love you all, and Happy Thanksgiving!  Have safe travels!  Count your many blessings!

I just wanted to post NOW before I got too busy to post.

For those voting for me in Idol.  Go vote today!  I’m still in Tribe 1! While you are at it, vote for SirCaliban in Tribe 2.  And countless others that I just don’t have time to list.  I will attempt to post an entry for Idol this week so I do not have to take a Bye.  Please vote for me when the poll goes up at the LJIdol website.

With love and God bless!

–Lady O

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