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As I watch the reality shows,
I wonder to myself:
How can you cry for all those
People barely known?
Each week as one or two leave
“I can’t believe you are going”
“I’ll miss you,” they grieve.
And the game changes.
Now I must endure,
Experience this thing myself.
Each week I take a tour
And cast my votes.
And through this I learn
About myself as much as you
And so I admit I yearn
To continue on in the race.
Did I know how my like would alter?
Got me started.
lifts me when I falter.
amuses with dragon tales.
creates amazing poems.
leads us down amazing trails.
dresses us well.
waves her overlord wand.
While feeds us cookies.
is quick to correspond.
And makes sure we have music.
I relate with ‘s entries,
And listen when posts.
and are our sentries,
Our guides, our gods, our inspiration.
There are so many more
I have grown to love
More I wish to build a rapport
And so I leave this thought:
To all my Idol-house-mates
Keep up the good work, the awesome posts
The varying and interesting updates
To which I have come to depend upon.

–Lady O
Once more, wish I could include everyone from idol, but there’s just so many of us! *GRINS* ā¤ to all my house-mates!