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Twas the Night Before Christmas
And all through the Idol House
All the creatures still stirred
Especially lilerthkwake.
The stockings were hung
By kithan with care
In hopes that
clauderainsrm soon would be there.
worldofcharlie put out the cookies,
And commodity_sign added some milk.
Tucked into bed early
ewok626 dreamed of votes
And dragonfluff hoped for
Next week’s entry would appear on the desk.
golden-sands put an extra present
Under the tree
And spydielives peeked for a glimpse
But saw only rm hanging up lights.
When boundfate came out
With gift bags galore
sircaliban switched out the nametags
So he could give more.
With the camera glued to her eye
ladyozma snapped a picture
And then up popped lacombe
To proper blackmail ensure.
Dedamona updated her wishlist
For an Evil Overlord Staff
And when we last saw bleuunicorn
There was an eggnog bath.
The tree overfloweth
The gifts looked so merry
libra_dragon donned festive clothes
And rosepurr did not tarry.
With a glance at the clock
And a cry from adpaz
Everyone rushed to their beds
Before boundfate could spaz.
On beemerbike, on gnomeangel
On browneyedgirl65 and imafarmgirl
And kittenboo to monkeysugarmama
You, lilmissmagic71 and n_decisive
We’re about out of time,
We’re about out of luck!
If we don’t go to bed,
Our Christmas will suck!
So quickly the beds were filled
Even wildcatwrites turned in
And each dreamed of
Their eventual LJ-Idol win!

Merry Christmas to all my friends at LJ-Idol!

Sorry this was so late, I wanted to post it for Christmas Eve, but it took a while to write. I tried to fit in just as many as I could! This is a record for me! For all those that weren’t listed, I’m sure you were up to mischief somewhere this holiday night!

I hope Santa is good to everyone!


–Lady O