Now, I’ve had some interesting IM conversations before, but this has to be one of the best.  So, I’m sharing it with you, the blogosphere.  I’d love to hear you sound off!! 

Talking about movies, you always get down to the question of who’s the biggest Badass.  Just what does it take to be crowned The Biggest Badass On Screen?  So many factors, so many reasons, so many badasses to choose from.

We all love the tale of a good badass.  After all girls dig the bad boy.  The more leather, the bigger the bike, the more powerful the firepower, the quicker the wit… it drives a girl nuts.  Men know this, so they want to become the next badass in town. 

In Hollywood, there is room for only one badass.  And here is your chance to name him!

The rules??

1. Please explain.  It makes it more interesting

2. Can be current, can be of all time, can be what you want.

3. Can sure be a chic if you think one is out there.  Tons of ballsy chicks on the silver screen.

4. Multiple entries?  Sure!

5. Baddass Death Match?  Bring it on!  (But only with the hot cheerleaders to entertain while our badasses are regrouping.)

6. So yeah… anything goes!

Here’s what started it all.  Somoene told me Robert Mitchum is the all time biggest badass around.  Of course this led me to google.  Does anyone agree?  I began asking my IM contacts.  One person popped up with Al Pacino immediately.  OK, Al Pacino is pretty badass at times.  Another said that currently it is Christian Bale, but physically of all time it’s Bruce Lee, and that Joe Pesci nails badass right between the ‘tude.

Who’s your badass? 

–Lady O 


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