This book reads in about ten minutes flat and the pictures are the most enjoyable part of the book. 

With a promising title, I expected more than the few humours tidbits.  Oh the places the imagination wants to go when looking at the cover! 

If you see this nugget in a bookstore, library, or a friend's shelf go ahead and pick it up.  When you put it down in a few minutes, having completed it, remember the tips within for dealing with the troublesome man in your life.

I will give the author she speaks the truth.  Men need to be trained to behave properly, just like a dog.  Left to their own devices men get into far too much mischief!  Enjoy the twisted mischief comparisons between dog and man, where they crop up.

This book would not be worth purchasing or going out of your way to find.  Just one of those that if you stumble upon it, why not leaf through it.

Now, I need to go teach my man how to fetch… me some hot cocoa!

–Lady O

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