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The second installment in this series started off with a pace that did not let up until the last word.

The world becomes more twisted for Tally as once more she attempts to escape the clutches of the social norm and her fate of "being pretty-minded" to her dream of finding herself in The Smoke. 

The story sucks the reader in, making it impossible to put down.  Raising more questions than it answers, you leave the book anxious for the next installment.

This time around, Tally practices more care.  Unfortunately for her, that is not good enough for Special Circumstances are constantly nipping at her heels.  Her daring attempts to revitalize her lost self drags in most of her friends, a clique calling themselves "The Crims".

Will Tally find peace with herself?  Will she escape the clutches of the oppressive society she lives in?  Can she truly hide from the watchful eye of Special Circumstances? 

Tally has gone from Ugly to Pretty, wait until you see what happens next.

–Lady O

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