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Now interrupting your regularly scheduled Lady Ozma LJ Blog for an important announcement.

K, so I have some free time today… maybe.  HAHA  Who knows, I always think that and then I end up not…

So here goes.  I get home from the churcy services on Sunday and find in my email box two awesome gifts.  

1. Paid LJ for six months.  Nice!
2. Buckets of extra icons!  Cool!

So nowi need to figure out some new icons.  Cause… I don’t have but a handful.  I get like… skads!  You people know me… got any ideas?  I think I need to make some fun icons today! 

If I can find my photoshop disc.

On plan for today: 
1. Fix dresser mess that is still making me upset
2. Clean up desk
3. Post pictures from Dec to Flickr for Spydie and everyone else
5. Catch up to kids some on Journey to Center of the Earth
6. Not go crazy with everything going on tonight.  Too much to do! EEEK!

So comment away.  I need icon ideas!  I just need icons!  I haven’t made any in YEARS.   I’m so idealess, I can’t even post a poll.  Just comment away!