So I went from the night the poll went up… being in the top ten for highest vote gathering.  now I am THE lowest vote count.

That’s just interesting.

And so much for the get your post in early/ on the first page.  My post was number 1.

I’ve really enjoyed LJ Idol and writing about such a variety of topics.  It’s been hard.  But totally worth it.  I feel like it really got me moving and some of my courage back.

Now I have Walking With Women and I believe some of that courage came from my experience on LJ Idol.

And if it were not for LJ Idol, Juan of the Dead would never have been born!  Wooot!

(Speaking of that… I’m hoping to post it today.  It’s about a third of the way done and I’m using my Friday morning for writing the rest of the next chapter.  Since there’s no Idol entry due at noon!)

((HUGS)) All

Oh yeah, and obviously I’m not in on the boycott LJ thingie that I still don’t fully understand.  Probably because I only found out about it a couple of hours ago.  LOL

Wow, this is more like a “normal” blog.  Enjoy.

–Lady O

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