I have been a faithful Verizon user since 2001.  But urgh.  I do not like the path the company is going on.  I can’t afford to get a new phone because they robbed me of my full credit.  So basically my choices for my “new every two” is like a RZR.  If I want to pay some money, even afte rthe credit, I can get the chocolate (erm I have first gen) or the EnV (my husband is nearly up for his new every two on his EnV)… are you seeing where this is going?

I should not have to pay for a phone that’s a nearly two years old model.

Furthermore now I have to change my contract as is normal since these companies are always doing new and flashy things.  Unfortunately get this… it has always worked in my favour.  Not this time.  I have to increase my bill by about 15-20 bucks a month.


I’m thinking about changing.

So I’m looking at TMobile.  Their coverage scares me.  But they have a cute purple phone.


Message me about your phone, your plan, etc etc.

I want the good and the bad.  You guys know me.  I’m an uber geek.  My pix need to look good.  I send like 3k texts a month.  (Erm, that might not be much of an exageration.)  I travel a lot.  I need good coverage, good phone, neat stuff.

Hook me up with some info!!

(Yes you too Melanie, after you stop your cartwheels.  HAHAHA)

Um, whatever else might be out there!  (Is there anything else?)

–Lady O

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