FYI, I’ve been struggling with a power issue with my laptop for a few weeks now.  I’ve finally got HP sending me a replacement cord.  Where it plugs into the laptop, the cord is really loose in there.  So I can’t seem to get power.  It’s hard.  It’s gotten really bad and this weekend I can barely get it to “connect” at all.  With no laptop power, this drastically limits my ability to do things such as photo editing, email, blogging, writing.  Mainly… accessing the outside world.

Frustrated?  Yes.  New power cord is due by Thursday.  Meanwhile if I can get my laptop to accept power, fantastic.  I’ll get on.  And try to finish my writing.

So I have half of three blog entries done, including walking with women.  but the screen dimming is annoying.  That’s fine if it’s dark, but not so good if it’s light all around.  *SIGH*

Sorry to vent my frustrations and write like this, but urgh.  I’m just so frustrated.  I have been trying for 20 minutes to get my laptop to accept power.  I am now at 76% battery life.  So I’m gonna go.  Oh well.  I have reading I wanted to do anyway. 

Thoughts and whatnot with ya!  I’ll check my email on the pocket pc and whatnot, but other than that, I’m gonna lay off the blogosphere and photo editing this week.  Unless I get lucky.  I’ll be fiddling here and there with it.  WHenever i get power I’ll be on!

It works.  Just only about 10% of the time.  HA!  That’s helpful!  Worse was i had it working great after fiddling for 20 minutes earlier and then the dog jumped on me and the laptop moved and poof… there went my power.  That was the last time I had power.  I love you Nephi, but STAY OFF THE COMPUTER!  HAHAHA

–Lady O

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