Houses everywhere I turn with “For Sale” signs and yet I am facing homelessness.  When all you hear is how homes won’t sell, it seems insane that I can’t buy one.  We have gainful employment and a mortgage approval, yet we see ourselves staring homelessness in the eye.

And it scares me.

We bid on 3 homes and none panned out. I lost track of how many houses I took a walk through, let alone the houses I reviewed online.

I thought this was a “buyer’s market”? Well, I’m a buyer, someone market to me!

I go out tomorrow, but to be honest none of the homes this week are doing it for me. I long ago hit the wall in regards to this move. 

To top it off? My van failed the state inspection and my AC is broken. Again with the AC? You betcha.  My fault my big fat butt. 

This week I seriously began to look into creative ventures for housing.  Camping for a month? Forget that, it’s just as expensive as renting! And I have to provide my own tent? No way. Sure, I have said tent, but that is a bit extreme.  Extended stay hotel? Geeze, it’s nearly twice my rent. Ouch on the pocketbook does not even begin to describe that solution. 

Land. I need land. Then I can build a yurt. Hey, I have at my disposal 13 or so boy scouts all in the need of service project hours.  What better act of service than to ensure that one of the scout leaders does not find him and his family living in a sturdy cardboard box under the train station? Right? Seems the way to go to me.  It only takes 80-100 man hours to build one, including the time to chop down trees.  Now, I have no idea what it would cost, but to order a yurt off the internet takes a month or so (rats, too long) and about $15,000.  Anyone want to donate to the yurt building fund? Let me know?  Just want to come gawk at our attempts to build one from scratch? Well, sure, all are welcome!

On the serious side of the yurt thing, we love what we see as far as design goes over at a permanent yurt like builder <a href=””>Deltech Homes.</a> Pretty and it is fun to design your own. As an educational project, I have the boys designing in CAD their own yurts.  Well, why not? At least it is some sort of schooling since my books are all packed up!

I wish it was as easy as that. Anyone have land at my disposal? Didn’t think so.

I talked with my landlady. She agreed to send someone out to look at the AC again. Gee, thanks. She also assured me she wouldn’t kick me out on the 31st. (Probably because she knows that she can’t legally do that.)

And so, the hunt continues. Perhaps I need to find myself a red paperclip to trade?

Something has to work out.  Something…

–Lady O

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