I’m so sorry I’m not keeping up with things here. My phone is only so good for checking things out. My Air Conditioner is STILL broken. I”ve been exceedingly ill because of this nightmare. My entire goal in life has been to… not be home. We have attended a ton of free movies, spent hours at the library, walked so many stores. When at home, I do not have the energy to hardly move let alone visit myspace, flickr, vox, livejournal, etc.  Mostly I keep my plurk page up and see what’s going on there.  And twitter in my sidebar.  I’d ping, but I really don’t like my blog filling up with all those microblogs.  LOL  I should set up loud twitter or something.  I am so far behind on my list emails… I read personal mails first…

Forget the packing. That’s been nonexistant. Thankfully my house is actually mostly done.

So please, I’m sorry. I don’t know when things will get much better. I’m trying to keep up with things. If you really need something, drop me a message here or to my email, depending on which you have. I hope all is well with the rest of you. If I’ve missed congratsing you on something great – I’m sorry. Def drop me an email to tell me what I missed! If you’ve joined me in Bad Luck Summer insanity, I’m most sorry. Would you like some of the chocolate bar in my fridge for sympathy? (It won’t melt in there… LOL)

So here’s the latest scoop on everything in a brief nutself:

1. AC has been broken for far too long. However Wednesday night someone managed to find a small window unit. It’s in our bedroom. We have hunt a tension rod in the hallway outside our door with a curtain hanging from it. This has managed to corral the cool air to our bedroom and the boys’ room. So we now can at least have someplace fairly OK to be. However, we still cannot use the kitchen. It’s averaging about 90 most days according to the hallway thermastat (on the other side of the curtain). Thankfully the humidity level in the house has gone way down.

I have no idea what to do about rent this month since this is, frankly, unberable.

The writing very quickly went up on the wall. The ineffective warranty company does not want to pay to fix this. The person they sent out didn’t hardly do anything but list a whole lot of things that could be causing the AC to malfunction that aren’t even unit related. The age of the windows, no attic fan, etc. He wouldn’t do anything else. He did say “It’s not condensing properly” but wouldn’t attempt to fix it. This is after two different companies have found a freon leak and my unit low on freon but did nothing to repair it. So with a warranty company refusing to fix it, this falls on my landlady and she flat out told me “I can’t spend any more money.” Her solution was for me to do what I’m doing… window unit. No she did not offer to purchase us one. This is unacceptable and I strongly believe given the attitude this means an attempt on the warranty to company to say that the unit has problems from the house and so is beyond “normal wear and tear” and she will pass that on to “it’s obviously their fault for not taking care of it” to us. If we want this fixed, we need to get it done ourselves or move out. We have a friend in the AC business thank goodness who’s attempting to trouble shoot it. At least enough to band aid the stupid thing so we can try to get by until the worst of this heat passes. If we can make it a few more weeks, things start to cool off enough we can go back to open windows at night and whatnot.

Woot for being forced to be green!

2. House front: We have found a place but the paperwork is no where near close to final which means it is not a sure thing. All signs look good, but until that contract is ratified… yeah… which is why I haven’t posted much. We keep hoping the paperwork will come in, but it has not. In defense of all parties involved, we verbally accepted the verbal counteroffer the same day as the earthquake in Cali and guess where the bank owning the house is? Yeah. I wish them all health and safety. Stinking earthquakes really slow things down. I’m hoping that is all this is. The bad news, if it does go through we can’t close on the house (IE be able to actually HAVE the house) until September 22nd. Yikes. We were supposed to be out two days ago.

3. My health has taken a beating. Wednesday I could hardly move my joints were so inflamed. My chiropractor is trying to figure out what supplements I can take as well as what we can do about said inflamming. I fear the worst. Not a happy thought for someone only 33. Hopefully we can find a solution because I could barely walk. Heck I could barely stand up straight. The joints were so bad that it made all my muscles contract real bad, too. I’m normally fairly flexible, but I couldn’t even bring up my leg for when he attempted to adjust my back. When he went to work on my knees, he has me raise my legs to check on placement and my legs wouldn’t go up more than a few inches. Range of motion? We don’t need no stinking range of motion! This is all on top of the fact that I cannot eat or sleep. I feel very crippled. I’ve already pulled out both knee braces and am using a wrist brace. I attempt to drive as little as possible, which doesn’t go well with the avoiding the house attempts.


4. My van failed state inspection to the tune of 700 bucks in repairs. And I just found one of my tires has a nasty slash in it. More reason to avoid driving. Urgh. I can’t fix it anytime soon because of the whole attempting to buy a house thing. *SIGH* It’s put a huge damper on me being able to go to many places. So if I am not visiting with you or going on activities with you or whatever, you know why. I’m mostly just bumming rides whenever I can.

So that’s the news from here. Wish it were all more cheery. You want something cheery though, go read about the photo contest I entered. My life isn’t total crap…  šŸ™‚

–Lady O

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