Today is Monday, my house is getting in order, I have food once more, and I am ready to roll! I am anxious to use all my new appliances and give them a good work out!

Moving took a lot out of me, and we scavenged most of last week. Never a fun one as dinner time becomes stressful when I try to remember what may lurk in my larder. After not shopping for a couple of weeks in preparation to the move, not a whole lot lurked. Yikes.

So here’s my plans for this week.

Monday: Undecided – We are going to Chili’s tonight for dessert if nothing else. Our local Chili’s chose tonight as their day to donate proceeds to St Jude’s. This is something they do every September. I highly recommend supporting them in this effort for Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. If we decide to eat at home 1st, Spaghetti.

Tuesday: Navy Bean Soup with corn bread

Wednesday: Youth Night – we get 99 cent Happy Meals. Yeah, slackers but Wednesdays are stressful and this makes my life easier.

Thursday: Smoked Sausage Primavera

Friday: Beefy Shells & Cheese

My inlaws arrive late Friday/early Saturday so this weekend? Up in the air. I already have several meals planned for next week, so I am ready to go.

I would like to put this out for anyone who might want to weigh in. One of my recipe’s called for some ingredients that I would like to use up before things go bad. I have other things, but can you think of anything with the following ingredients that might be fun to try?

Vegetable Broth (I always get Vegetable instead of Chicken)
Green Pepper
Half n Half

Taking all ideas. Especially with the broth and half n half.

My meals sound tasty, that’s for sure! I am real excited to try out the two new meals this week – Navy Bean Soup and Smoked Sausage Primavera!

I am thinking that I might need to include a fish night and force my husband to suffer through. Any thoughts?

–Lady O