I know, I’ve been slacking! NaNo is kicking me in the butt! My menu plans are written and in my control notebook through part of December, but coming to post is another story. Of course, due to Bloom’s triple coupon days there’s a lot of unsightly scratches on my menu plans as I changed up a lot of meals when I scrapped my previously prepared shopping list. It works like that sometimes, right? The deals were just far too good!

So here’s the plan. I’ll go ahead and show you last night and tonight for kicks. Just so you can know!

Monday: Chili Pockets. These are a new fave we discovered about this time last year. It’s easy, cheap, and beyond tasty! It’s just some chili put into a pizza dough pouch. Throw some cheese on if you like. Gobble and enjoy! Easy, cheap, tasty – always winners in this house!

Tonight: Eggs a la Goldenrod. This is a husband speciality. However tonight he taught the boys how to make it. Man were those kids excited! Now when they are grown men, they can take this meal on to their families. Sir Megs learned it from his family and I love that we have something like that!

Tomorrow: It’s Wednesday! Can you guess?

Thursday: Soup and bread! Mmmm What kind of bread should I make? Someone twitter me in the morning to make sure i get it started and don’t get lost in NaNo! LOL Trust me, it’s going to happen!

Friday: Spaghetti and more bread! (rinse and repeat on the twitter! YIKES!)

Saturday: Homemade pizzas. YUM!

Sunday: This is up in the air. You know that Pork Loin? Well we’d invited someone over and it fell through for that meal. We’re trying to get someone over and I really want this for when they come. So it’s on the menu, but if dinner doesn’t work out (again) I may bump it another week. It’s becoming a tradition. Maybe I should bump it on principle?

OK, now, I gotta rave. And I do mean rave!

A few months ago a friend talks me into becoming a BzzAgent. What does this mean? Not a lot at first. But now it means I get to try out spiffy things and create some Bzzzzz about it.

I like to talk about anything. Especially if it makes people in my family happy. This item definitely does that. So check out what we’ve been eating for lunch for like two weeks!

Smucker’s Uncrustables.

What the heck is it? It’s a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. It’s delicious. It’s travel friendly. And it’s cute!

I’ve seen these in the grocer’s freezer and thought, “There’s not a chance on God’s green earth I’m shelling out that kind of cash for a freaking pb&j. Who do these people think they are?”

Peanut butter and jelly is cheap to make. And it’s gross if you travel with it. You’ve been there and you know it. You make the ultimate PB&J and what happens while it sits in the lunch box all day? That jelly sogs its way through the bread. By the time lunchtime comes around, your bread is now all gooshy and disintegrating. Gross!

Well meet the Uncrustable. These guys are freaking geniuses.

It’s flash frozen which of course makes me go “OMG how nasty is this puppy going to be when it thaws?” But no! It’s soft and fresh like a freshly made sandwhich! Woah! I mean that’s it. You thaw it for like half an hour to an hour and it’s perfect! No need to toast it or anything!

It doesn’t stop there! They solved the soggy jelly by encasing that jelly in peanut butter. That’s right, they slather some truly yummy peanut butter on each slice of soft white bread. Then they put on the jelly. The bread is saved by the peanut butter!

I told you guys the people at Smucker’s were geniuses!

But does it end there? NO! They lovingly remove the crust, so it’s just like mom! A bit tired for the extra care? You can trust that your little one will still feel the loving care with an Uncrustable. You just don’t get that sort of thing when you normally by prepackaged food.

My kids love these things. When learning we were getting some I kid you not there was dancing in my living room. Dancing on the way to the grocery store. And the cheers, oh the cheers when we pulled the box from the freezer. You’d think it was the Holy Grail. I suppose for kids, a work free peanut butter and jelly masterpiece is equal to the Grail.

I was content to let them gobble these things up, but no. They insisted every single day I try one. I gave in. And I’m a believer!

My PB&J’s aren’t this good. Smucker’s, I’m hooked! At least until my coupons run out. I’ve given several to friends. I hope their kids are as happy as mine.

And mine are. It’s NaNoWriMo and they know that if my word count is not done at lunch time they are on their own. They are pretty self sufficient and actually love to make food. But man, this NaNo has them happy because they can sucker me into letting them have Uncrustables.

My only complaint is they don’t have a fluffer nutter version. Grape jelly, strawberry jam, even honey. Heck, they’ve got you a grilled cheese for those with allergies. Where the heck is the fluffer nutter??????

Then again, I’d go broke buying fluffer nutters. This is probably a GOOD thing they don’t have them…

So there you have it. Another week of food with Ozma. Tune in next week to find out what else I am making with my triple coupon extravaganza buying.

Oh and hopefully after NaNo I can get back to trying some new recipes. I was enjoying that a lot. And a very kind friend *you know who you are and THANK YOU* just sent me LOADS of things to try. Woohooo!

–Lady O