Last month the American Patriots Committee sent out tests on the US Constitution to those running statewide for office this year.

Why would anyone do this?

Founded last year, the APC wants to see those elected prove an understanding of the United States Constitution. Each leader elected swears to uphold this document, yet far too many times we see our elected officials acting counter to the Constitution. Sometimes issues are skirted while at other times there is an obvious disregard to what the Constitution says.

Our Republic was founded on strong principles. The foundation is solid and sure. Over the course of the last 200+ years we deviated from the path. No we didn’t just deviate, we took a hard turn and are now headed in the opposite direction.

What happened to the statesmen of old? Best I have seen in my lifetime was Reagan. Really, Reagan. Hey, I’m young. I would also say that Reagan wasn’t so much a statesman as… an actor. But hey, at least he was upfront. We all knew he was an actor when he got elected. He earned his living by pretending to be something he was not. What’s the rest of our politicians excuses? I think more politicians deserve acting awards than those in Hollywood.

The APC plans to endorse the politicians that can prove their knowledge and understanding of the US Constitution. I find myself curious what they might discover. Donning my rose coloured glasses for just a moment, I could choose to believe that politicians are really just labouring under misconceptions about what they can and can’t do. Maybe they really do just want to look out for the greater good. Let’s face it, life ain’t that rosey.

OK, the sunglasses are back in my purse where they belong at 12:30 at night. These men and women are far too educated. They know what the Constitution says. If they’ve forgotten they just need to cross the street. They work but five minutes from the original piece of paper. They can go and peruse it at their leisure. Oh no, they know what is right and what is wrong. Instead of abiding by the Constitution, they instead make back room deals.

It’s been far too long since a politician really cared more about this country than about their job. Our career politicians only look for the next step up, their next attempt at glory. Maybe someone should remind them that bad press is not good. No more corruption charges or DC Madame’s, please.

So the tests are out. Which politicians will return their completed test? Will any show a remotely passing understanding of the US Constitution? Or is my Commonwealth doomed to more clueless politicians?

The grassroots organization hopes to extend this to those running in other states. How would your officials stack up?

For that matter, how well do you know the Constitution?

–Lady O