This week is crazy. So is next week, actually. This week we’re going out of town for part of the weekend. We are all excited to go to MarsCon in Williamsburg, VA. This year things are steampunk themed so the boys are planning all sorts of cool things. As with conventions, we’re not real sure what we are going to do. We’ll likely pop into the store to pick up some things for the hotel room and then end up with quick meals in the con suite or the nearby venues.

Next week, Sir Megs is taking Monday and Tuesday as time off. He’s going to try to work from home, but we’ll see how well that works out. The District is going to be next to impossible to function in so PTO is a much better option.

This week’s menu is as follows:

Monday: Homemade Pizza. I know this was on Friday’s menu for last week, but I ended up with a killer migraine. I couldn’t cope. I ended up taking a huge nap and so my husband made some tasty sausage and gravy and biscuits instead of the pizzas.

Tuesday: Spaghetti

Wednesday: It’s activity night so we’ll be grabbing something to go!

Thursday: Eggs because I LOVE eggs!

Friday: We’re off to Marscon. We’ll be travelling at the meal time so we’ll get something on the way down.
Saturday: We’ll have to see what is available before the Coyote Run concert! Mmmm, it’s bound to be interesting!

I am so looking forward to this weekend because I really feel like things have been so hectic/insane for too long. This convention is very relaxing and fun so I plan to just veg. Maybe I’ll hang out in the hotel hot tub instead of going to anything.

Next week might be late again, just because I haven’t a clue what we’re doing and we may need to wait till Monday to go shopping. Yikes!

–Lady O