My name is Lady Ozma… and I’m a game-a-holic.

Yes, I admit it. Freely. We have RPG books, two shelves in a huge closet devoted to board games, a Halo edition X-Box, a Wii, a Playstation, a Game Cube, many PC games from Everquest to Sims, and everyone has a DS!

So yes, we game. We game a lot.

Recently I got the chance to try out a new game system, The Game Wave. Of course I started to tremble as soon as I looked at it. How I wanted to check this out! Something needs to entertain me, after all, while waiting to get into a beta of a new MMORPG. Right?

The Game Wave arrived in next to time along with a pack of games and SIX controllers. That’s a controller for every member of our family and guests! Score!

The system itself has a nice design and I love the fact that there’s a box for your controllers that nests to the console. It looks fantastic on my tv stand.

Another nice perk… batteries were included. How often do you see that anymore? The system controllers are wireless and run on your standard AA batteries. Oh yeah, I so need to invest in rechargeable, right?

The console doubles as a DVD player, which worked well since my cheap region free broke. *SOB* OK, so I haven’t hacked this baby yet for region free and I’m not sure I want to try. So, I may not be able to watch my UK DVDs anymore, but at least I can watch my US ones. That’s a step up!

The games more than deserve the awards. What I like the most is the family friendly theme to all of the games. Sure you can play some as a one player, but to truly enjoy them you need to gather a crowd. The games are thought provoking rather than violent.

We’ve invited people over to play with us as well as had family grudge matches. The games we enjoy most? All of them! There is trivia, much akin to the one you play in restaurants and on planes. There is puzzle games like gem swapping (just imagine that one with three other players – it is CHAOS)! Even word games of the classic Boggle and Hangman style.

The Game Wave was a bit hit with my family, and I bet it would be with yours. It’s great for Family Game Night or for a party.

–Lady O
PS: I got to try this system out as a BzzAgent. They give me opportunities to test things in exchange for me talking about them. The Game Wave was not hard for me to talk about. I will happily promote this great product for a long time to come!