We all hate it. The laundry beast. It seems as though it might eat us alive at times.

Recently the clothing situation has been even worse than normal. My boys both hit big time growth spurts. They’ve busted out of the knees of their pants, the ankles of their pants ride about two inches to high, you get the picture.

And to top it off, it all happened around Christmas. Yikes!

So today? We heard of a sale at Khol’s. No jeans, but those heavy pants in dark colours? Yup! Six new pairs of pants for less than ten bucks a pair! Can I get a ‘Woot!’???

Well, with new pants I decided to go through clothes. I had a bunch of laundry needing to get put in its proper place. I worked on that while the kids pulled out all their clothes.

The good news? We cut their clothes in half. Trust me, this isn’t bad. For some reason these kids have more clothes than can fit in their dresser and closet. Now they don’t have ripped up and too small clothes taking up space in there!

We counted a nice week’s worth of decent pants now, too. Score! They just didn’t have enough before and the poor things kept wearing pants with no knees. OK, there’s a certain place where that’s fashionable, but then there’s extreme. I’m thinking theirs were extreme.

One of my goals for this month is to get some things done around this house. The clothes thing? That’s one of the things I dread the most. So I feel good today! Last week I got the wallpaper down, and today I did a much needed weed through clothes with the boys! Great!

The thing I dread the most though, is the spare room. After our exchange student left, I moved our unpacked boxes into there. Mostly it’s the stuff to decorate with and I don’t know what to do. I was feeling pretty guilty for not tackling it yet.

The guilt was pushed aside though… today’s work? Good!

And we’ve got laundry in the wash!

Today has been pretty productive. I hope everyone else has accomplished things they needed to get done! I’ve set the bar high this week, can I continue?

–Lady O