After last week, I bet you’ll never guess what meals I have to make for this week! HA! I almost posted a menu plan for last week, but figured you got more than just your standard menu plan and left it with my freezer cooking posts.

This week is going to be a busy one. I’m going north three times this week. Maybe four! Holy smokes! So, I’m real glad I did all that cooking last week!!

In other news, I got my new camera! I’m so excited and hopefully that means even better photos next time I do a major cooking day! Right?

Over the last few months, I have tried new meals with no particular rhyme or reason. My wish would be one a week, but it’s probably more like one or two a month. My friend, Kate, has an “Around the World in 80 Plates” that I’ve been following. It sounds like so much fun!

My trouble? My husband is a picky eater. I’m slightly picky (I have issues digesting cow products mostly, and I’m not a huge fan of a lot of condiments) so you put that together and it’s just nuts. However, I’ve managed some success with the new meals so far, and am ever hopeful. I’ve talked up our own 80 plates adventure and he might even be warming up ever so slightly!

We can only hope!

Our new meal this month was that three cheese kielbasa bake. Now, you might think it was gutsy of me to try a new recipe and make THREE with a picky eater, but I knew everything included was stuff he liked. So I took the chance. And? The consensus among the family: Good! Let’s have it again!


Good thing since I’ve two in my freezer!

This weekend is the big triple coupon days at Bloom, so I’ve reorganized my pantries in the expectation of loads of more food! Woot! So, I’m very food oriented today!

I’m glad for that as I’m off to a Pampered Chef party tonight! Mmmm. Though I’m broke because I bought that camera. It is a fundraiser for the aforementioned Kate, she’s adopting a little boy this spring!

Lots of food stuffs going on!

And without further ado… my meal plan for this week:

Monday: I’m eating pampered chef. I don’t care what the family does. HA! Loving mom/wife! *GRINS* (Hey the men can all cook, so I’m not real worried.)

Tuesday: Enchiladas mmmmm

Wednesday: We’ll find it around and eat it before scouts!

Thursday: Eggs (I’m going to the DC Temple and I needed something quick and easy because who knows when I’ll roll into town. It may get changed to Taco Bell!)

Friday: 3 Cheese Kielbasa Bake

Saturday: Spaghetti Casserole

Sunday: Beef Stew

So there you have it. Another edition of “What’s Oz eating?” I am thinking about having some days where I try some new bread recipes. Any thoughts on breads to try? Should I blog bread baking adventures?

–Lady O