So I spent yesterday grocery shopping and blogging about it and thus never got to my Menu Monday post!

Which is fine. I’ve gotten so many new recipes that I’m not sure what we will have this week!

I mean sure, I have all these freezer meals, still. But is that what I want to do? I’d love to save some for next week. But, at the same time, I’m not sure which of all these new recipes I wan tto try first!

OK, so first would be based on what I have. I know, silly thing, that! Right? Kind of helps if you actually have the things you want to cook!

But, if I wait till I figure that out, I might not get my post out till Thursday!

What I decided to do is to go ahead and post based off my previous plan. If I change it, I’ll just post about the new meal. After all, it will be a new meal to us! This week is kind of weird anyways, since we’ve got some other things going on.

What new meals are you trying? Are they frugal? Are they improvised from good deals you got or something someone passed your way?

Our problem is that with the picky eater quotient, finding new foods can be difficult. Sometimes I just want a new way to “package” something. For instance, instead of just chili with crackers I’ve made spaghetti noodles and we’ve put chili over that. Wait, that sounds good. I think I’ll do that this week. We’ve not done that for a long time!

In fact, maybe we’ll make that tonight! HA! Unless I find something else between now and then!

Here’s the thing with my menu planning. I only post it here for a week. What you don’t see is that I generally run around before going to the grocery store and listing out every meal we have in the house. You only see one week, but I generally have a good two to three weeks worth of meals in my head. So I can mix things up real easily. Though we generally stick to the week’s menu I post, maybe just changing the day we eat something.

This week may be different. It may not. It’s always an adventure at our house! Here’s some of what we’re doing this week to add to the adventure: Going to visit a friend and work on gardening things, the menfolk are camping Friday night (brrrr!), the Blue and Gold dinner is on Saturday. See, it’s crazy!

So here’s my tentative plan for this week:

Monday: We ate my freezer spaghetti casserole. I just ate leftovers for lunch. Mmm. For anyone wanting to know – I made a new italian herb bread on Sunday for our beef stew and we ate the second loaf with this meal last night. Was good!

Tuesday: Chili over Spaghetti – unless I change my mind!

Wednesday: Chicken Nuggets – I know this is usually a forage day, but I got a good deal. 🙂 Though we may still forage and save the nuggets for another day.

Thursday: HIJACKED! We were supposed to go to the Melting Pot with friends, but itcouldn’t happen. Bummer. I think I’ll make this V8 Corn Chowder instead. Ideas for bread anyone?

Friday: It’s just me… if I don’t forget to eat I’ll end up at Giant. This is my passion. They go off camping and I go to giant and load up on a mondo salad with all the fixings. Mmmmm! Then I generally let Calgon take me away or meet up with girlfriend’s for a GNO. (Interested, let me know!) I don’t know what the men will be eating… hope they figure it out soon. HA!

Saturday: Blue and Gold Dinner – I’m just bringing appetizers. I’m thinking this nice bag of chex mix might be good!

Sunday: Enchiladas

Mmm, good food, right?

But, I may change it. Cause I’m looking at these new recipes and trying to figure out 1. What I need for them 2. What I have for them 3. Where I can fit them into my meal plans over the next month or so.

Of course, I still have one more shopping day to go… and coupons… mwahahahahaha!

–Lady O