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Due to my husband working late and a baby shower I attended on Friday night, we moved Joram’s soup night to Saturday.

Of course, it’s the super coupon deal weekend and I needed to hit Bloom for some treats, some meals, and some food storage.

You can even see my helpers (and the dog) peeking over the back of our massive haul. That’s $213 worth of groceries, but with triple coupons I only spent $68.23! Yay for bargains!

My pantry and freezer overfloweth! Guess I need to reorganize again!

Last night Joram cooked us dinner once more. He is really loving this project and I have never been so proud of him!

Where do you go after Switzerland? Germany! So we hopped on the “train” and made our way there.

I studied German in high school and was friends with our foreign exchange students from there. And of course a child of the 80’s, who doesn’t love 99 Luft balloons?

Coach DS offered us a recipe for Bacon and Potato Soup and so we went for it. Of course now we have 99% of a huge bag of potatoes to find recipes for so we can use it all up. (Tonight we made homemade fries!)

Over the week, Joram’s learned the fine art of delegation. What’s the point of family if you don’t turn them into minions and have them help out? Right? HA!

First order of business – KP duty! Time to start peeling potatoes! Caramon set up at the sink over the garbage disposal and Joram at the trash can.

From there he followed Coach DS to deal with the potatoes, carrots, and even cooking bacon.

The Coach DS instructed him to use stock, and even had the instructions on how to make your own. We covered that when I made some chicken noodle soup the week before, so I didn’t stress about that. He took a huge part in helping me, so we just pulled our canned stuff out of the pantry.

Here’s a picture of the soup in our large pot:

We gathered around the table with large bowls of soup and for about five minutes all you could hear was: SLUUUUUUUURRRRRRRPPPPPPPP!


Joram: Yummmmmmy!!!!
Caramon: This is really great! This is really good! This is so yummy!
Sir Megabyte: Went back for seconds!!!!! And he was the first one hitting the pot to fill up his bowl again! Need I say more?
Me: SLURRRRP! Two thumbs up!

The flavour was just so rich. The vegetables – perfection. Lucky for us, we ended up with enough for lunch on Monday for the boys!

Now, we had a little snafu with Italy for tonight. Namely dummy mommy didn’t READ the cheese package. I ended up with white cheddar instead of mozzarella. Ooops! So we moved that to Monday. We ate some burgers and homemade fries tonight.

I do think that Joram’s big taking over plan worked well. It probably would have worked better had we not had so much going on, but that’s just the way it goes around here.

In other news, the boys received their acceptance postcards to summer camp and Joram requested to take Cooking 101 class. Because of his success this week in cooking, he’s even MORE excited than ever!

I wonder if I will ever get my kitchen back? Or if I’ll ever be able to cook again without hearing about Rachel Ray?

At least I know that one day when I do get my kitchen back, because he has moved out to lead his own life, that my sweet Joram will not go hungry. He’s very comfortable in the kitchen and that’s so wonderful!

–Lady O