Menu Monday is late this week, again. I actually had something cool to write about, but the pictures are taking a lot of post-processing. I went to an event that was beyond awesome, but the light levels were exceedingly low.

Thus I decided to continue on with my menu plan and just blog about the activity later. Once I finish up with the photos.

The other thing mucking up my regularly scheduled menu planning is my husband’s canceled trip to CA. As I mentioned before, I planned out a nice huge menu for weeks. This week was a second try for the week of chicken.

Is my attempt to eat chicken to be perpetually mucked about with? I mean seriously! Last month it was the plague. This month? Some slackers didn’t realize that this was Easter weekend (uh it was for the weekdays so I am not seeing the big deal) and some people weren’t prepared (must be nice not to have to work in this economy) so the meetings in CA – canceled! No! I screamed. I need my week of chicken! I already bought chicken!

Now some would say, “Keep the week of chicken. Make Megs suffer through!” Perhaps I should. However, I am nice. (Ok, truth? I just don’t want to deal with a week of grumping or him eating fast food since that’s his real answer.)

I spent some time readjusting Ye Olde Menu. Now I have Nouveau Menu! Menu the Redo!

Meanwhile I am hoping for another trip to California so I can have my week of chicken! Or fish! Fancy sauces! You know, all the yummy food out there I can’t normally make.

I did keep two meals. Guess someone will have to cope. Good thing we always have peanut butter and jelly!

Monday: Pizza Uncrustables – Yes we reheated these treats! They were fantastic!!!
Tuesday: BBQ Lil Smokies with Cheesey Broccoli and Rice – mmm so good! The kids and I love these! BBQ and Lil Smokies are no-nos. Megs ate Chipotle
Wednesday: Dunno – hubby’s choice (Who bets Taco Bell?)
Thursday: Mexican UnStuffed Shells – a new one… one of my freezer meals. I think Megs will love this!
Friday: Chicken Macaroni Bake – Shhh chicken is a no-no. But I don’t care. Oz needs some freaking chicken!
Saturday: Butterfly Shrimp – I’ll probably bake our fries we made up and froze to go with this. Sounds good, right? Fries and shrimp? LOL
Sunday: Lasagna – it’s a family favourite and we have this new recipe to try. Gonna have my nice freezer meal for Sunday! Sundays are hard because we come home from church and eat at like 2:30 and then we aren’t hungry till late so we get lost in family time. Then we are dealing with what to do because food takes too long and whatnot!

So there you have it! It might not be a week of chicken, but I suppose I will survive. However next time? Megs better take his trip or he might end up with a week of chicken to suffer through!